That's a wrap on the INDIE MUSICIAN SUMMIT 2022.

 We had:

  • 18 speakers
  • 14 featured artists
  • 450+ attendees
  • from 21+ countries

And a hoot of a time learning, connecting and developing our msuic careers.

You can now join the waitlist for 2023 with dates to be announced next year.

Thanks again - x Kate


"The INDIE MUSICIAN SUMMIT is a fabulous way to get loads of free information and resources from people in the music industry who are actually doing what they are talking about. A MUST for any emerging artist..."

Kristian Hochreiter USA

Excellent job hosting, moderating, and promoting! This was an inspiration as I gear-up to do my first Facebook live showcase/Q&A stream.

Abigail Wighton AUS

I loved the summit and it has inspired me to keep striving as an independent artist.

Darren Alexander CANADA

Inspired: to take lessons and learn how to sing then 2021 to watch another summit and see what to do NEXT!

Nanlini Das INDIA

Learned more about different aspects of the music industry, and better self care as a musician.

Liz Hassak AUS

I was in a rut but this has given me new enthusiasm for creative things. Thanks!

Marianne Bal  AUSTRIA

I gained some very useful insights and tips. I connected with another member who lives very close to me, so I'm very excited about working with her or sharing experiences.

Mary Claire Woolley IRELAND

I truly loved the concept and what I did see was I great ! Well done to all involved well impressed!

John Newsome AUS

Confidence boosting, challenging. What I totally love is that I have the catch up option. Honestly, it’s like an Aussie version of CD baby podcast. I love the higher level content- it’s more than starter level. This has been a gift to me.


It helped me to discover new artists and ways to share art :)